Why your clients need MailWall ?

Keep your clients happy by providing them with a world class email service and have access to enterprise grade diagnostics.

MailWall will keep your clients satisfied with the speed and reliability of providing email security, email archiving and email filtering.

MailWall manages all inbound, internal and outbound email functionality.

  • Email Security Service: MailWall ensures that email is free from viruses and malware. MailWall effectively minimises all email security risks.
  • Spam Filtering: MailWall out of the box catches 99% of spam. You can customize the spam filter settings according to client requirements. MailWall does not require any software or hardware to be installed and is therefore extremely easy to deploy.
  • Email Archiving: MailWall archives all emails that are both received or sent. There is no specific limit on the retained email messages. Archived emails can be easily searched and retrieved. MailWall provides extensive retention Audit logs.
  • Quality Email: MailWall provides Fast, Clean, Scalable & Reliable email
  • Compatibility: MailWall is fully compatible all popular email clients including Mozilla, Thunderbird, Apple Entourage, Windows Mail, and Microsoft Outlook*.

With such great features, your clients will be delighted to use MailWall.

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