What is IE Internet's Business Continuity service?

  • IE Internet's Business Continuity service is a key email disaster recovery feature used by many of our customers.
  • IE Internet's emergency email continuity service is designed to provide a backup email system that is easy to implement, easy to use, and provides outbound delivery management. Our system works by creating a backup mailbox for each of your users that has the last 30 days of inbound email accessible from a rich AJAX web client. Users can send and receive mail from their Zimbra mailboxes 24/7 from any location that has Internet access.
  • Additionally, your email server is granted outbound SMTP-relay access through our system to protect your reputation and allow us to ensure your mail is delivered to the recipients.
  • With IE Internet's Email Continuity solution, continuous email communication will be maintained during a server outage.
  • As emailing is fast becoming the most widely used form of business communication, email continuity is essential for many companies. If you can not afford to be out of touch with your email correspondents during the time that your mail sever is off-line, you will want to look into our total email disaster recovery solution.

IE Internet's Business Continuity service addresses the following customer recovery & continuity issues

  • In the event of server failure, users can still instantaneously get access to their inbound email by notifying us. Then once they have retrieved their email, its back to business again.
  • Individual users can use our ‘email archiving' feature to restore any inadvertently deleted emails immediately, without any involvement of the IT department.
  • Even a back-up failure is no reason for concern - the administrator can simply choose to re-deliver inbound emails, including attachments, that have been retained for up to 30 days (although indefinitely for Zimbra users), right up to the point of failure.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic Archiving of queued email as soon as the customer server is back on-line.
  • Easy to use and instant user recovery of inbound email in the event of a server outage, guaranteeing your organisations email business continuity.
  • Immediate, business-wide restoration of all email recovery, even in the event of a back-up failure.
  • Constant availability of email functions.
  • Guaranteed clean email because it is integrated with our MailWall email security service.
  • Rapid deployment and no training required.

Contact us

  • If you'd like to know more about this service, why not contact a member of our Support or Sales Team on: 01 280 5000


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