Why a managed service ?

MailWall provides a Managed Service to ensures its customers receives a clean, fast, reliable, zero-threat email service.

There are alternatives to a Managed Service but they all have limitations.

Software Solution require you to install software on your infrastructure.
Appliance Solution require you to install a hardware appliance onto your infrastructure.
Both Software & Appliance Solution are costly to install, costly to maintain, offer no protection for your bandwidth & have a single point of failure
MailWall is a complete managed service solution which is maintained and monitored around the clock by our highly skilled development team.

No additional servers, appliances or software are required.

All email traffic is managed by MailWall.

A Managed Service allows greater redundancy, lower fault tolerance and disaster recovery capabilities that are far beyond the reach of most individual organizations.

A Managed Service requires minimal User training.

A Managed Service requires no operating system support or administration.

A Managed Service provides centralised administration and control.

A Managed Service provides organisation-wide blacklists and whitelists.

With a Managed Service there is no need for performance upgrades.

With a Managed Service only clean email reaches your organisation.

A Managed Service protects against Directory Harvesting and Denial of Service attacks.

MailWall provides end-to-end customer support to MailWall users. It has a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians to answer your queries within the shortest possible time.

Clients can sit back, relax and enjoy the services of MailWall.

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