Features and Benefits

Protection against Virus, Spam, Phishing & Malware
Spam Capture Rate Min. 99%
Spam False Positives Max. 0.0003%

Guaranteed delivery of 100% of accepted inbound email
High Performance Inbound Email Processed within 60 seconds

Guaranteed to block 100% of known viruses
Virus False Catch Rate Max. 0.005%

Guarantees to backup queued email for Min. 4 days
Guaranteed MailWall dashboard uptime of 99.95%

Compatible with SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols.
Supports all popular email clients including Mozilla, Thunderbird, Apple Entourage, Windows Mail, Outlook Mobile on Linux, Apple or Windows

SMTP MX-Backup Provided
Fully DNS Management

Helpdesk Priority Support
No investment in additional software/hardware.
24/7 customer care service with both telephone and email support.
Quick Setup

Per User Blacklist & Whitelists
Self-Managed Quarantines
WebMail Supported
Active Directory & LDAP Compatible
Access to Details Usage & Security Reports

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