Email Security

Email is by far the most common source of malware and malicious viruses.

Email has become a business critical tool the increasing reliance on email for all business communications requires an effective, reliable, email security service.

MailWall is the ultimate email security solution for business and corporate users.

MailWall has an extremely robust mechanism for fighting all known security threats.

It protects email from all types of known and unknown viruses and spam.

All inbound emails are scanned for suspicious content and protects against

  • Threats to the user's privacy.
  • Questionable embedded HTML.
  • Harmful embedded HTML.
  • Questionable file attachment.
  • Attachments containing executable code.
  • Emails designed to bypass virus scanning.


User Administration

Mailwall provides robust and easy to use Administrative system, that easily allows Users, Directories, Email Accounts, Spam & Quarantine to be managed. It also provides fully featured Reporting, Statistics and Tracking features as well as a comprehensive Security Policy Suite.

  • Clean easy to interpret and use UI
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Hassle free User account administration
  • Powerful Analytics and Reporting Functionality


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