Outbound Email

MailWall provides Fast and Reliable Message Delivery

MailWall provides core task reliability for external message delivery.

MailWall Outbound Email Manages:

  • Number of Simultaneous Connections
  • Number of Message per Connections
  • Number of Delivery Attempts
  • Retry period, bounce generation & period
  • Authentication Method
  • Queuing Management
  • Scheduling Management
  • Management of Data Transfer
  • Tracking of Delivery Status
  • Processing of Deferrals
  • Secure Encrypted Email

MailWall scans all outbound email for viruses and malicious executables.

MailWall provides complete delivery management. MailWall is your high-speed inbound gateway for handling replies and remotely bounced messages.

MailWall is the first email gateway to offer real time reputation monitoring.

MailWall scans all outbound email for evidence of your network being used to email spam and provides immediate notification.

MailWall provides an email blacklist monitoring service that constantly evaluates the reputation of your email infrastructure with all major internet blacklists and identifies potential email delivery issues before you send your email.

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