Inbound Email

Every day millions of emails are processed by MailWall.

Within these millions of emails, the vast majority are spam or malicious.

MailWall provides complete protection to businesses from spam and malicious emails.

MailWall's Spam Filtering solution operates at an Internet level.

Any email which enters MailWall is scanned using a variety of technologies before it is either rejected, quarantined or delivered.

MailWall provides a high level of protection against Spam.

Industry leading 99% Spam Capture Rate.

Industry leading 100% known Viruses Capture Rate

MailWall is platform independent works with any existing email solution.

Variable filter strength on a per User level.

Decide how you want to deal with Spam, Delete or Modify or Spam Quarantine.

MailWall has the power of Organisational or Per User white and blacklists.

Never miss an email from your customers or suppliers. All outbound email addresses are automatically added to the White-list.

All managed by MailWall's powerful and easy to use dashboard.

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