Why become a Partner?

The perfect solution for email security is finally here. MailWall is the leading platform to provide world class email security for Business.

The first version of MailWall was first released in 2002 by IE Internet for managing email communication in a safer and smarter way. MailWall provides clients with fast, reliable, scalable and secure email.

Partners enjoy many advantages, notably:

MailWall is a tested and effective email security product. Our development team are continually upgrading MailWall and developing new features. We are happy to discuss our development road-map and include a partner's requirements or suggestions.

MailWall can be easily used with your other existing security solutions. We will provide you with all marketing and research information to assist you in demonstrating to your clients the benefits of using MailWall. For any technical queries or assistance, our Priority Support Team are there to support you.

MailWall supports all popular email clients including Mozilla, Thunderbird, Apple Entourage, Windows Mail, Outlook Mobile on multiple platforms including Linux, Microsoft Windows & Apple OS X.

MailWall includes a monitoring service. MailWall will monitor critical infrastructure of your client's local network and communicate by SMS if required.

MailWall is a web-based application and therefore does not require any other software or hardware to be installed or managed.

What are you waiting for? Become a MailWall Partner now and enjoy all the benefits.

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