How do I create a MailWall User?

  • Users must be created at a domain level.
  • Prior to creating a user, please review the following caveats regarding the procedure:
  • Creating users may have undesirable and unpredictable effects on a domain with Active Directory synchronisation enabled. It is not recommended to manually create users from such accounts but create them within your directory structure first then assign them any appropriate permissions once they appear on MailWall after the synchronisation.
  • If any of these caveats is applicable to you, please consult with a MailWall professional prior to continuing with the create procedure.

To create a user, please follow the steps below:

1. Select the domain name for which the user is to be created for on from the top navigation bar.

2. Choose Add User from the Mail Manager section on the side menu.

3. Next you are given the chioce of either choosing a password from the drop down list


You can type in a password manually of your desired chioce.

If typing in a password manually, make sure it meets the following required criteria:

At least one of each of the following: A uppercase letter, a lowercase letter and a number, and the length of the password must be at least 8 characters long

4. Choose an email address to associate with the user (Note this address and password)

5. Click Add

Note. All users require a default email address regardless of how the account delivery options are configured.

The new user name and password will be displayed on the screen.


Contact MailWall for further information.