Why MailWall?

MailWall is an enterprise class email service developed for Irish & UK Business.

MailWall delivers an abundance of Benefits and Unique Selling Points

  • Superior customer service
  • 24x7 technical support
  • Irish-based telephone support.
  • Redundant infrastructure / 24x7x365 monitoring and on-call / duty system engineers.
  • Ireland's longest established provider.
  • Strong pre-sales assistance in specifying customer requirements
  • Fully scalable solutions
  • Complete domain name¬† management including pre-sales support
  • Accredited registrar for major domain names
  • Fully managed and redundant DNS services
  • MailWall can be fully white-labelled Promote Your Brand!
  • Clean email (Spam, Phishing and Virus free) Delivered Quickly
  • Protection against email based security risks & attacks
  • Reliable outbound email services customer's email gets delivered quickly
  • Manage all aspects of email from web based dashboard
  • Dashboard compatible with major mobile devices
  • Customer has complete control over their email
  • Customer email never incorrectly flagged as spam
  • Industry leading email delivery service compared with published metrics of all major competitors)
  • Outgoing email is scanned for potential security issues (i.e. viruses and spam like) and user is alerted if problem found email not sent
  • Customer is empowered to track email for and to their domain via the dashboard
  • Full usage reporting and statistics

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