What is Spam Filtering?

MailWall scans all inbound email for Spam like characteristics.

The technology used for Spam filtering falls into two classes, connection based and message based.

Connection (pre-acceptance) based filtering: analyses the source of inbound email and blocks connections from Spam software and known previous sources of Spam. This filtering also protects against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Pre-acceptance filtering is permanently enabled on all MailWall domains and is not configurable.

Message based filtering: analyses how emails are constructed for signs that they are Spam. This filtering can be fine tuned (or disabled) on a per domain and per user basis.

Spam filtering is enabled by default.

Spam settings can be customised on a global (domain wide) or per user basis.

For global settings, click the domain name in the top navigation bar first,

And for per-user settings select the user from the drop-down in the top navigation bar.


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