How do I manage Spam Quarantines?

Every user configured on MailWall can have a personalised Spam quarantine which contains the Spam which has been quarantined for the specific email addresses attached to that user.

For this feature to be functional the domain's or user's How to deal with Spam setting has to be set to “Move to Spam quarantine”.

The Spam Quarantine for a user is accessed by:-

1. Selecting the user from the top navigation bar

2. Then selecting Archive -> Spam Quarantine from the MailWall dashboard.

The Spam Quarantine represents emails using the following fields:

  • Time

The time and date received

  • From

The sender's email address

  • To

The intended recipient's email address

  • Subject

The contents of the email's subject line

  • Action

Release or delete the message from the quarantine

  • Message ID

A unique reference for each email processed by MailWall for support and diagnostic purposes.

  • Release

To release an email from the quarantine, click the release icon next to the message.

Emails are kept in the quarantine for a period of 14 days after which they are deleted automatically

Contact MailWall for further information.