What are Spam Quarantine Email Reports?

The Spam Quarantine Email Report is a HTML-formatted email containing a comprehensive list of all the messages that have been quarantined as Spam since the previous Spam Quarantine Email Report was sent.

In addition to being a reminder, it also allows users to quickly scan the list to prevent falsely quarantined messages from going undetected. The Spam Quarantine Email Report eliminates the need to log in and review messages in the Spam Quarantine Archive.

The Spam Quarantine Email Report message contains the following information:

  • Time

The time and date received

  • From

The sender's email address

  • To

The intended recipient's email address

  • Subject

The contents of the email's subject line

  • Action

Option to release falsely or incorrectly quarantined email.

Click on the Release button to have that message delivered to your inbox. It will take up to 15 minutes for the email to be delivered after you release it.

  • Message ID

A unique reference for each email processed by MailWall for support and diagnostic purposes.

If there is no Spam email quarantined, a Spam Quarantine Email Report is sent with a default message of “There are no new emails in your Spam quarantine since the last report.”

Contact MailWall for further information.