What does my Message Status show?

Message Status

The ultimate status of all messages is reported via the Status field.

Following is an explanation of the most popular statuses:

Rejected at pre-acceptance level Email is originating from a widely known source of Spam or appeared to be part of an email based Denial of Service attack .

User unknown: An attempt was made to deliver the email but the email addresses was reported not to exist by the local server (applicable to SMTP Feeds only)

Delivered (not scanned for Spam) The sender's email address is white listed or Spam filtering is disabled for this email address or domain

  • Delivered (clean): Email was processed and delivered
  • Delivered (contains a virus): Email was processed but contained a virus
  • Delivered (marked as Spam): Email was processed, found to be Spam and delivered.
  • Quarantined as Spam: Email was processed and quarantined as Spam.
  • Currently queued: Email is either being processed or it is waiting in the outgoing queue
  • Quarantined as security risk: Email contained a security or policy violation

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