Partner Benefits

A partnership with MailWall means much more than receiving a fast and reliable email service; there is an abundance of Partner benefits.

MailWall manages all critical email infrastructure round-the-clock.

MailWall gives you access to the development team of MailWall. Different clients have varying requirements. After consultation with the MailWall development team these requirements can be incorporated in to the next MailWall release. We welcome Partner input and ideas to continually develop MailWall.

MailWall provides a central location for you to manage the email requirements of all your clients whether you are in the office, travelling or on site using mobile access.

MailWall gives you the ease of single sign on.

MailWall can be used in association with other security solutions.

MailWall provides Partners with a white label programme.

MailWall provides priority support to Partners.

MailWall has a world class Partner Service Level Agreement.

MailWall provides Partners with a monitoring service.

MailWall provides DNS Management.

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